Is All the Good Art Already Taken?


A few months ago, I wrote a LinkedIn post and casually included a photo of the painting I did of the actor Danny DeVito in his beloved role as Frank Reynolds. It was merely an amusing afterthought for me, but it ended up drawing someone into my DMs.

As it turns out, this individual, who happens to be an extremely funny voice on LinkedIn, wanted a portrait of Frank for himself. As Frank truly is irresistible, I had nothing in stock at the time. I offered to recreate the portrait. We discussed the size, 16 by 20 inches, and I was ready to begin, to paint yet another face of the comedic talent many of us know and love.

Perhaps you too have eyed with envy a particular work of art that you feel or know could never be yours. It’s not for sale, it’s unreasonably priced, or it’s only available as a print.

Sound familiar?

Whether you’re looking for something in my existing portfolio that’s already been sold, or you have a very different idea, I can help manifest your vision. I will take the time to complete your request in a timely manner. I will sketch out the contours of your subject matter and fill the canvas with unexpected bursts and unique patterns of color.

Furthermore, I will document the process for your amusement.

This video represents my first attempt at that. Is it perfect? Not even close. You can see that I started and restarted on Frank’s beautiful face multiple times. The ends justify the means.

Next time, I’ll ensure to document less of my back in the early stages and focus on the work itself. There is always something that can be refined in the process.

If you’re ready to partner with me to liven up your living or work space, consider Booking a Free Consultation.

More about the process:

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